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  • Diane Daly says:

    While visiting my mom, we decided to go to Tommy C’s for lunch and what a nice surprise. I have never liked fish, but decided to try the halibut and chips for something different, and I’m glad I did. The fish was moist and tender, with a light crust, and great flavor. Plating was very nice. First time visitor to Tommy C’s, we’ll be back and will spread the word to our Port Orchard friends. Wait staff extremely pleasant to talk to…forgot to get his name, but very impressed with him !

  • Jennifer Thomas says:

    Just wanted to give Tommy C and Ester a big hug and bigger Thank You for sponsoring my ‘reading’ titled “Vietnam Revisited through A Different Light” last night. Although the attendees weren’t as plentiful as hoped, the hospitaIity,food, service and accommodations for my event were beyond excellent. And Joey James Dean was/is an absolutely fantastic musician and he really put the finishing touches to my program. Thank you again, Tommy, Ester, Joey and crew. You all are fantastic! BIg Hugs and Loves Jenny

  • June and Ray Phillips says:

    Tommy Cs is the best place in town to let your hair down and just relax the food is great and very affordable. Tommy also gives everyone the personal touch by greeting all of his customers U GO TOMMY

  • Andrea Zeigler says:

    Tommy’s is the place to be. It’s got great food, amazing staff, and the atmosphere is wildly terrific. We have enjoyed it as a family and as a night out… can’t be beat. Really is great to have this fantastic addition to Port Orchard. People of all ages can enjoy it. Thanks for bringing some life back to this part of Port Orchard.

  • Susie Crank says:

    TOMMY- We had a great experience at your place, my husband and I told you about the Yelp website. So when we got home I went to write a review and since you weren’t listed I added the business. You can still go on there and claim it as the owner. It may take a day or two to be approved by the website. Just search your business name in Port Orchard.
    We will definitely be returning!

    Susie and Jason

  • Marie says:

    What a great place, perfect for when women want to go some place nice and guys just want to play it cool, an upper-scale Sports Bar with incredible food. And…well you just have to love Tommy….he’s a very cool guy & genuinely nice and actually talks with the customers. You can dress up here or just come as you are here…… can’t wait to come back.

  • Michelle says:

    Had a great time meeting you Tom, and the staff Monday night. What a great place and new hang out for me as well. Your a great guy. Hope to see you Saturday for the fight!

  • Richard says:

    Went to Tommy C’s Sat 4/16. Had and amazing time. Great food good service phenominal environment to hang with friends. Dj Shmixx was awesome and love the back bar. You nailed it with thgis bar Tommy. No complaints, PERFECT!!!!! I will be back

  • Kenny says:

    My cousin Troy told me about this place, Very cool hang out to watch sports and drink beers. Food is pretty damn good as well! Keep up the good work and I hope this place sticks around for a long time

  • DOC says:

    Had a great time with the family monday, celibrating 3 birthdays. All had fun,it was great food and fantastic service. This is our new hangout as well. Thanks Tommy C’s

  • Jo and Bucky says:

    We had fantastic food, great service and a good time. The bar gets a 10 for being clean. We felt really welcome. Thanks Tommy for giving us a great place to go.

  • Tim Culver says:

    Your place Rocks Tommy. Great Atmosphere, Excellent Food, Excellent Staff, Great Prices and Menu. We will be back soon………

  • Ginny says:

    This place is a real class act. To see is to believe. Come one, come all!!

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