Blue Friday & Save our Tommy C’s Family

It’s Blue Friday!!  Super Bowl weekend is here.   The Seahawks are going to mop up the Patriots this Sunday.  We open at 11 am so get here as early as you can to get a good seat.  Tonight we have all the NBA, NCAA and NHL action you could want.  Tommy C’s does have all the sports networks, so whatever game you would like to watch, we can put it on for you.  We will have all the bartenders and servers on, so come on down and say hi to them.  Make it a Tommy C’s weekend.

WE ARE STILL OPEN!!! Please come down and see us!!! Also if you have time please go to this link and read what is happening to us. We are constantly looking for a new location and appreciate everything you guys could do in helping with this matter. If it’s donating $5 to our go fund me account or telling us about a location. Anything will help at this time. Thank you all for the support through the last 4 years!!

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